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Who Is VideoEditz For?

The VideoEditz program has been designed for entrepreneurs, bloggers and industry experts alike; who want to maximise the power of online video by publishing valuable video content consistently.

Regardless of whether you are new to creating video, or if you have been publishing content for years; the VideoEditz program will help you to publish more regularly by taking video editing off your plate!

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Don't Spend Hours In Front Of Your Computer Editing Your Videos...
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Start Your Membership With A 14 Day Trial For Only $99* 

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Learn From My Mistakes and Accelerate Your Business Growth.

"When I first started creating online video, I had no idea what I was doing. I spent thousands of dollars on online courses trying to learn how to make my videos better.

After investing so much time and money... I finally realised that as a business owner, this is something that I should NOT be doing. Even though I enjoyed editing my videos, I SHOULD be focusing my time on growing my businesses. 

So over the past few years, I have developed my own team of video editors to help me to create the videos that we provide to our clients. Now, I am sharing my team with you...

Joshua Van Den Broek
- Founder of VideoMarketingDoneForYou.Com
  & Creator of VideoEditz

How The VideoEditz Program Works...

Getting Your Videos Edited Just Became Simple!


Become A VideoEditz Member

Start your VideoEditz Membership with a 14 day trial and select your preferred subscription level (1, 2 or 4 videos edited per month) to continue with. 


Upload Your Video Footage

Once you have filmed your video footage and it's ready to for us edit. Simply upload your files to a designated  DropBox folder that we will share with you.


Submit Your Video Brief

Once your files are all uploaded and you are ready for us to commence work on your project. Simply submit your video brief to us so we know what you want.

Why You Should Become A VideoEditz Member Today

We Guarantee Our Work. Unlimited Revisions. No Lock In Contracts!

Your Member Benefits

When you join as a member of VideoEditz, you can expect to receive a few benefits for being an early adopter of this program.

Not only will your videos get the personal attention of our team; but we guarantee that you will never pay more than the rate you joined at for the LIFETIME of your VideoEditz membership.

So you can get the most out of your video content, we will send you a video series that will help you to improve how you record your videos. 

As an added bonus, we will even review the videos you have had us edit in your first month and provide you with some feedback to how you can improve them further. 

But don't miss out! Once we have filled our quota for this intake, we will not reopen the doors until we have the capacity for another...not sure when that may be!

Do You Know How You Can Amplify Your Video Content?

Drive Traffic Back To Your Website With Consistent Video Publishing

Consistency Is The Key!

You can grow your audience organically by consistently publishing your videos on a more frequent basis. Make a greater impact by extending the reach of your message by sharing that same content across all of your preferred social media platforms.

By improving the consistency and frequency of your video publishing schedule; your audience will begin to learn and anticipate when you release your next video.

Expect to see increased social interaction and engagement that will drive traffic back to your website, where they will be exposed to your offerings.

By having us as an extension of your team, we can take care of your video editing whilst you are able to focus on creating more valuable content!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered By The Founder of VideoEditz

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Right now you have the opportunity to join as a member of Video Editz where you will no longer have to worry about all the tricky elements that go with producing video. 
By securing your spot, we guarantee that you will NEVER pay more than the monthly subscription rate you join at for the LIFETIME of your membership!

"You like doing certain tasks, you might be good at doing them.
The question is, should you BE doing them, as the business owner?"

Chris C. Ducker 
Author of Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time,
Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business

Membership Pricing

Subscription Levels That Suit Your Needs & Budget

  • Silver

    $169 /month
    • 1 Video Edited / month
    • Up to 5mins in length (each)
    • 5mins of total video per month
    • Unlimited Revisions of our work
    • No Lock In Contracts
    • 14 day Trial Membership
  • Platinum

    $499 /month
    • 4 Videos Edited / month
    • Up to 5mins in length (each)
    • 20mins of total video per month
    • Unlimited Revisions of our work
    • No Lock In Contracts
    • 14 day Trial Membership
  • Gold

    $299 /month
    • 2 Videos Edited / month
    • Up to 5mins in length (each)
    • 10mins of total video per month
    • Unlimited Revisions of our work
    • No Lock In Contracts
    • 14 day Trial Membership

Only Available For A Limited Time

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To ensure that we are able to deliver the highest quality service to our VideoEditz members, we only have limited spaces available.
Once we have reached the quota for this intake we will close the doors & you will be unable to join until the doors reopen.

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